Affordable Housing Initiative Interest List

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Hello! You've reached the AHI Interest List:

The Affordable Housing Initiative was created to offer short-term affordable housing to community-based workers in the nonprofit, healthcare, education, and public service sectors, falling within the 50-80% range of their area's median income.


Utilizing HIF's extensive network of landlords and property management companies, the Affordable Housing Initiative connects eligible applicants, particularly those in the education, non-profit, and other community-based sectors, with affordable housing priced up to 50% below market rates for a duration of three years. Ensuring that those contributing to our communities can reside in them benefits us collectively.

The primary objective of this short-term program is to offer individuals in education, social work, medical sectors, and other essential fields an opportunity to secure affordable rent. Upon completion of the program, participants often achieve financial and housing security, whether it involves paying off student loan debt, completing a degree program, saving for a down payment, and more. During the program, participants will establish goals and work towards them, with progress assessed by the program manager.

Completing this form enables HIF staff to assess your eligibility. It's important to note that this form serves as an intake form for our interest list and not a rental application.

If deemed eligible for the full application, you will be contacted to proceed. Kindly check your spam folder to ensure you don't miss any communications.

For eligibility to apply to our full application, households must meet the following criteria:

-Work in Santa Clara or San Mateo Counties

-Have a household income falling between 50-80% of the Area Median Income (AMI).

-Individuals in the education, non profit, healthcare, first responders, county services etc. are given priority.

The upcoming form will request information about your household composition, housing needs, and current income. Please provide thorough answers.

Please note that this program does not offer emergency housing or housing outside of San Mateo or Santa Clara counties. If you are facing immediate eviction or other forms of housing instability, refer to the county-specific links below for more information:

Santa Clara County Core Services Agencies
San Mateo County Core Service Agencies

Please review the below chart for our qualifying income limits. Families must be in the 50-80% AMI limit in the county you are looking to reside in.

Basic Information

All data provided will be used only for HIF records and contacting applicants.

Occupation and Income Information

In this section we will gather your employment information and your intended households income. Please use annual amounts before taxes. 

Future Household Information and Unit Preferences

This section will gather information about the future household if invited to apply. Everyone 18+ in the home must include identification

Affordable Housing Initiative Purpose and Goals

Housing in the Bay Area continues to be an acute challenge, and HIF recognizes the need to support working families. Many families earn too much to qualify for assistance but not enough to be stably housed.

Through HIF's extensive network of landlords and property management companies, the Affordable Housing Initiative matches qualified applicants (particularly those in the education, non-profit and other community-based sectors) to affordable housing at up to 50% below market rates for up to three years. Making sure those who work to support our communities are able to actually live in their community benefits us all.

The goal of this short-term program is to provides those in education, social work, medical sectors and all others whose daily services we rely on with an opportunity to benefit from an affordable rent. This program provides a chance to achieve financial and housing security once graduated from the program. This often looks like paying off student loan debt, finishing a degree program, saving money for a down payment, etc. You will be required to create goals and make progress towards them while in this program assessed by the program manager.

Applicant Certification

I hereby give my consent to the Housing Industry Foundation (HIF) to contact any group or individual which would be helpful in understanding or confirming my situation and need for assistance. I acknowledge that HIF may contact me to determine the effectiveness and fit of this program in stabilizing my housing situation.

HIF may also publicize my situation in general terms and use anonymized data collected to asses program effectiveness in the future. I understand that HIF may contact me for photos, feedback, and access to my story as a means for fundraising, and I consent to being contacted in the future if approved.

By hitting submit below, I verify that the statements provided are true and correct. I authorize the use of the information provided to evaluate my eligibility for the AHI program. I acknowledge that this is not a guarantee for housing, but an interest list for consideration for program eligibility. I understand that false information may result in my removal from the waitlist.

By typing your name below, you agree and understand that the electronic signature is equivalent to a handwritten signature.